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How will the ability to read boost my child's confidence?

A child's first language is play. They play to communicate and express themselves. They then go on to develop the ability to speak to communicate their needs and wants.

First, they speak to express themselves through single words and gestures. Then, they go on to do away with gestures and speak in phrases or full sentences. These sentences, however, are likely mimicry of the audio exposure they receive on a daily basis - through their surroundings by tuning in to sentences spoken by primary caregivers and educators.

Expand their understanding of the world

To move away from the pattern of copying, the ability to read will allow a child to stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world. They would be equipped with knowledge and vocabulary outside of their immediate environment. Being perceived as knowledgeable would encourage a child to speak up and inspire them to share their thoughts confidently.

Develop Imagination

Reading allows a child to enter into the world of fiction - a creative space in a child's head where almost everything and anything is possible. A space that reality cannot offer. This strong sense of imagination enables a child to think out of a box making the child's thoughts stand out - developing a child's sense of self-confidence.

Develop Language Skills

Reading expands a reader's vocabulary. A child that reads widely will be equipped with suitable vocabulary to engage in coherent conversations, enabling others to understand him or her clearly and accurately. The ability to understand and be understood does wonders to a person's confidence - a person who is well understood feels accepted and welcomed by his or her environment.

At School of Concepts, we are firm believers in building a child's confidence. Confidence is key when it comes to learning effectively, socialising and mental wellness. Our reading programme equips a learner with the ability to read through the SOC methodology - the first locally created phonics-based curriculum that not only equips a learner with a strong ability to read but also with the confidence and enthusiasm to communicate their thoughts clearly and accurately.

Confident children make friends easily, do better in school and are more mentally and emotionally balanced.

To find out more about our programmes, call us at 69091883.

If you'd like to discover more about your child's current level of literacy, optimal learning style and speak to our specialists on how you can better boost your child's level of confidence, visit our homepage, and fill in our interest form to secure an assessment slot* with our specialised teachers.

As our assessment slots move fast, your name will be placed on the waiting list and our customer service officer will get in touch on the next working day to secure a slot on the next available date and time.

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