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Play-based learning at SOC

Sarah, a reserved two-year old, blossomed into a confident and expressive young learner when she became part of a captivating play-based learning program. With a variety of engaging activities and games, Sarah shed her initial shyness and embraced new experiences.

Immersed in a playful environment, Sarah's confidence soared as she eagerly communicated with her peers and discovered the joy of collaboration. Through the power of play-based learning, Sarah effortlessly developed essential skills crucial for her personal growth.

At School of Concepts, we firmly believe that play-based learning is essential for a child's holistic development.

We embrace a multitude of methods that seamlessly integrates play-based learning into our teaching techniques. What are these methods? Read on to find out!

#1: Extrasensorial curriculum

An extra sensorial curriculum is designed to provide a more holistic learning experience. By weaving together an array of engaging activities like craft, artwork, storytelling, painting, and imaginative role play, every student is motivated to cultivate a genuine passion for their studies. This type of dynamic curriculum ignites students' curiosity, ensuring sustained focus and undivided attention during lessons. #2: Inquiry-based learning

Play-based learning opens a world of wonder for children, inspiring them to become avid questioners, keen predictors and adept problem-solvers as they embark on exciting journeys within their play environment. Their engagement in diverse activities grants them the power of choice, empowering them to shape their play experiences, whether

it's selecting a paint color for their drawing or deciding which toys to play with.

#3: Stimulating learning space

By creating a fun learning environment, play-based learning becomes more immersive. At School of Concepts, charming house-like structures, painted in delightful warm colors, serve as an exciting play area for our young learners. Erasable marker board tables and desks enable our teachers to offer a visual representation of ideas and thoughts. It also supports multimodal learning experiences.

In essence, play-based learning serves as a catalyst for comprehensive growth, nurturing a lifelong passion for knowledge. Through the seamless integration of play and academics, SOC strives to ignite curiosity, stimulate boundless creativity, and instill a deep-rooted love for the pursuit of learning.

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