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Celebrating milestones over the New Year

“I did it mommy, I did it!” Samantha declares with a wide tooth grin, standing beside her bicycle. There’s utter glee on her face. It’s difficult to look away from that look of complete pleasure on her face.

Does this scene sound familiar? Has your child has come running to you to declare and celebrate his/her baby steps towards conquering the world?

Most likely, that’s a yes! Children are highly motivated to become independent adults, to reach the stage where they can do things “big” people do. Encourage them to become independent by making New Year Resolution Cards. Here are some New Year Resolutions that you can suggest!

For two to three-year olds:

-Learning how to feed himself/herself

-Learning how to hold a pencil properly

-Learning to put on his/her shoes

-Learning how to put back things after playing

-Learning to wash hands properly

Three to four-year olds can choose to learn how to:

-Eat on their own

-Read on their own

-Write their own names

-Not need diapers

-Learn how to use a child-friendly scissors

-Learn how to greet people (say hello and goodbye)

-Draw simple shapes (like a sun)

Four to six-year old developmental milestones include:

-Brushing his/her teeth

-Reading a book a day

-Packing his/her school bag

-Eating vegetables!

-Sharpening pencils for school

-Cleaning his/her table

If you would like to download pre-made resolution cards (with pictures!), click here.

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