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Learning through play builds a firm foundation in our children’s education

At SoC, we believe in learning through play instead of drilling down on memorisation techniques - our students learn phonics through song and dance, drama, roleplaying, and logic-based games. They also build up computational thinking skills, and learn to read, write and spell confidently. All these have been achieved through tailored classes and specialised curriculum, according to the optimal learning styles of each child. These learning styles differ in terms of auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic, which mean that some kids learn better through listening, some learn better with the use of imagery and others learn best through activities and games. We see that by building a strong foundation and the right attitude towards learning, our students are able to build up confidence in themselves and approach learning with much enthusiasm. In this newsletter, we highlight some of our students’ progress, and we’re so proud of how far they have come.

Rachel, 3, has recently graduated from our foundation programme where she learned the letter sounds and word

associations to each letter. Rachel has moved to our Beginner programme where she’s learning how to blend the letter sounds. She approaches learning with lots of enthusiasm and loves associating lesson material with her daily life. We are heartened by her efforts each lesson, and can’t wait to see how she would progress from here!

Mckayla, 5, has graduated from our Intermediate programme and is now pursuing Creative Writing at primary level - she can read, write, spell and speak confidently and beautifully! She enjoys the customised class structure and engaging lessons, which builds up her love for learning. At 5, she is able to write short stories about her family and is progressing quickly! With an established foundation in phonics, she has no problem learning about new topics and loves sharing about her learning journey. We are so proud of her progress and can’t wait to see where else SoC will take her.

If you’re interested in seeing the same results for your children, you can book a diagnostic assessment with us so that we can better understand your child’s learning strengths. We believe that each child is unique and has their own learning journey, and so the curriculum should be tailored as such. We would love to help you and child discover learning through play and build their confidence in reading, spelling and writing.

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