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Top 3 Benefits of Reading at a Young Age

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Margaret Fuller once said, "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader".

Reading is one of the best skills you should equip your child with at a young age. The ability to read will open doors and offer your child opportunities to become future-ready.

#1 : Broadens knowledge

The ability to read will enable your child to explore content beyond the four walls of their bedroom or classroom. It will enable them to read about different cultures, values, information about science and technology, and social behaviours. The ability to read will equip your child with the confidence and motivation to go forth and acquire knowledge about topics of interest.

#2 : Improves communication skills

Communication is key. In today's fast-paced world where there is an overload of information available almost everywhere and anywhere for those with access to the internet, having a strong ability to accurately digest and discern information is more critical than ever. Likewise, with communication becoming so accessible through communication apps, the ability to communicate clearly has become a survival skill. Equipping your child with the ability to read from a young age will give your child a headstart to the acquisition of vocabulary and greater exposure to grammar rules - giving them the ability to comprehend information read accurately while communicating their thoughts to those around them clearly are key factors to nurturing a future-ready child!

#3 : Develops creativity and cognitive ability

The ability to read will inspire a child to explore fiction and non-fiction books. The former allows its reader to stretch his/her imagination and get creative. The latter allows its reader to associate facts with the world around, developing a strong cognitive ability. The ability to get creative - think out of the box, whilst engineering present-day inventions will adequately prep your child to be ready for a future filled with changes and respond positively to uncertainties.

Indeed, 'once a reader, tomorrow a leader'. A simple yet fundamental skill - reading, is one that will open doors of opportunities for its adopter. Equipping a child with the ability to read from a young age will broaden a young mind's worldview, nurture effective two-way communication skills and build creativity that will disrupt, problem-solve and invent solutions for a better tomorrow.

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