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Chinese New Year Day 6 to 10

Each day of the Chinese New Year continue to hold its own significance.

On Day 6, people continue to visit friends and relatives. Those who are not married continue to bring 2 oranges around to send their well wishes to those around them while those who are married bless juniors who are single with red packets filled with money.

"Happy Birthday!"

On Day 7, it is believed to be everyone's birthday - the birthday of all mankind. On this day, people commonly celebrate by having yusheng, a traditional dish eaten to celebrate the birthday of mankind on the 7th day of the Chinese New Year.

On Day 8, people continue to gather with family and friends to feast. A season of reunions - the Chinese believe that when people dine around a round table, they stay connected and united.

Legend has it that on Day 9, it is the birthday of the Jade Emperor. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor is the king of the immortal realm.

On Day 10, legend has it that it is the birthday of the god of stones. On this day, it is believed that no stone should be flipped, turned or moved.

I hope our articles have given you interesting insights to the significance of each day of celebration during the Chinese New Year - from reunions and feasting, to legends and the birthday of mankind.

Stay tuned for the final article of this 3-part series about the 15 days of the Chinese New Year! Meanwhile, gong xi fa cai ! 🍊🍊

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