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Chinese New Year Day 1 to Day 5

Many would know that the Chinese New Year celebrations go on for 15 full days!

Did you know that each day holds its own significance?

In this article, you will find fun facts about days 1 to 5. This would help you better explain to your little one the significance of the Chinese New Year in appreciation of Chinese culture.

A day to celebrate the first day of the lunar new year. On this day, it is auspicious to express your well wishes to everyone you meet. Greeting politely and cheerfully! It is also important for younger ones to greet with 2 oranges in hand when expressing well wishes to those who are senior. Those who are married will then give red packets containing money to those who are not married.

People commonly visit their relatives from their paternal side of the family on this day, going from home to home. A time of gathering a reunion. Homes will also be filled with goodies that each hold a symbolic auspicious meaning.

On Day 2, families often visit the maternal side of the family. Similarly, younger ones should always remember to enter a home with 2 oranges, presenting them with both hands when expressing well wishes. Seniors who receive the well wishes and are married, will express their well wishes in return, return 2 oranges with a red packet commonly filled with money.

Day 3 is commonly known as the day of rest. Families usually stay home on this day to recuperate. Some believe that rats get married on this day too so they will leave some rice around the house as gifts to the rats, hoping that the rats will not invade their homes to take their food for the rest of the year.

Day 4 is celebrated by eating Nian Gao (年糕), a sweet sticky cake that some eat as-is while others fry with sweet potato and yam. They are delicious! Legend has it that on this day, the Kitchen god will return to Heaven to report on the family to the Jade Emperor. Hence, people believe that by placing Nian Gao (年糕) as an offering, the Kitchen god would be appeased and share a good report about the family with the Jade Emperor.

Day 5 is when people believe that the God of Fortune will return! They believe that he will come with good fortune and bless the family with prosperity. Households resume cleaning on this day and businesses resume operations.

We hope you enjoyed our article and it has helped you better understand the significance of each day (Days 1 to 5). Stay tuned for more about days 6 to 15!

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