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5 must-know Chinese New Year greetings

Greeting one another with well wishes is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebration. Many believe that the more well wishes you receive, the more blessings you will have in the coming year. Hence, sending someone the right greeting is so important!

Here are some 5 must-know and simple yet very appropriate greetings to share with your little ones.

When meeting a senior who prioritises health, you may want to wish him/her "身体健康" - it means good health.

When meeting a working adult who is most likely looking to have a year of good prospects, you may want to wish him/her "恭喜发财“ - it means prosperity.

When meeting a female relative, you may want to wish her "青春美丽“ - it means youth and beauty.

When meeting a peer or relative who is also studying, you may want to wish him/her "学业进步” - it means improvement in academic pursuits.

And when you meet a family at the dining table or at someone's house, remember to wish them “年年有余", it means abundance.

Greetings are a great way to break the ice if you have not met someone in a long while, they are great for improving relationships and you'll never know when your well wishes may make someone's day. So go forth and bless all!

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