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Discovery Play & Foundation Phonics

Beginner Phonics

Intermediate Phonics

“I’ve developed a spoken vocabulary of almost 1,000 words and am able to use language to learn about, relate to and describe the world around me.”

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Learn and Master English

English at the primary level revolves largely around grammar. Click here to find out more about our Primary School Classes.

“My vocabulary has grown to almost 1,500 words. I’m able to produce five-to-seven word sentences, engage in conversations and tell stories.”

Registration now open!

Designed to bridge the gap between  Kindergarten and Primary One. 

“I am self-motivated, always excited about learning. I can spell most words just by sounding them. I am able to grasp abstract concepts like those of time and money easily because I can comprehend read information accurately. I am happy and confident!”

Our Monthly Workshops

Seats for all our workshops are limited, so keep an eye out for our workshops! Click to find out more about what workshops we do at SoC!

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