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Educational App for  children to learn their
ABCs and Phonics

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Love for Alphabet Explorer

5.0 out of 5

Colourful and interactive!
The app is really colourful and interactive as well! Along with catchy animated songs! Cool AR features too! Worth the download!

About us

Our vision is to make quality learning resources accessible for all kids, by digitalising how they learn their alphabet and phonics. Leveraging smart technologies such as augmented reality, handwriting and voice recognition, will transform how kids learn their ABCs and phonics.

Tracing uppercase and lowercase letters with handwriting recognition

Voice recognition functions for reading

Interactive AR for colouring



Learn phonics in a holistic way, to

build spatial intelligence 

train fine motor skills

stimulate memory retention


Interactive alphabet activities 

Interesting narrative-driven activities

Catchy alphabet letter songs   


Our Features

Track and share your kid's learning progress through a safe interface

A safe and easy-to-navigate interface that has no distractions to facilitate more focused learning

Promote learning through interesting narrative-driven activities and original characters 

Learn ABCs and phonics through interactive alphabet activities 

What This
Means For


What This
Means For

Your Kids

by experts, for educating.

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