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Savvy ways to start the new school year

It's almost the end-of-the-year! Time to pack, and prepare for the upcoming year. What better time to do that, then now, when all the sales are on?

Between rushing to get household items, spring cleaning and buying gifts - this is the season where expenditure may be high. Is there a way to lighten it especially in terms of academics? Yes, there is!

So, here's our round-up of savvy ways to start the new school year:

For stocking up on stationary, bags, book covers and textbooks:

Our pick: BookFest

When: 14-23 Dec 2018:

Where: Suntec Singapore, Hall 401-406

Time: 10am-10pm

Ever noticed how your child's stationary pile is always running low? Or, how seemingly all the highlighters in the house magically disappear? Well, BookFest is the solution to all your woes! Here, you can stock up on all of your child's academic needs - from assorted pens, pencil cases to bags and textbooks. Better yet, there are also free enrichment workshops this year that cover topics ranging from scoring in primary school maths to scoring in Chinese oral (Psst: Click here to find out more!).

P.S. Are you concerned that your kids might be bored during the fair? Brush your fears aside, for there are various kids activities, from Transformers meet-and-greet to Peppa Pig colouring contests! The kids activities happen only on specific dates, so mark your calandar to plan ahead!


Kids activities:

For stocking up on stationery and assessment books:

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Our pick: MPH Bookstores

When: 15 Nov – 31 Dec 2018

Do you prefer a quieter alternative to BookFest? Or, are you a lover of books and wish to stock up on both adult books and prepare for the schooling year? Then pop by MPH Bookstores! Their back-to-school promotion offers 15% discount for non-members on selected stationary and assessment books! Other than the assessment books, they also have best-selling books such as Michelle Obama's memoir, and books by Mitch Albom. It’s a one-stop destination to fill both your craving for books and your child’s academic needs!

For stocking up on shoes:

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Our Pick: Bata

Does your child’s pearly white shoes magically turn black within two months? If getting messy is your child’s favourite thing to do – then you might want to stock up at Bata. Trusty old Bata – the familiar brand of school shoes we all grew up with is currently offering a discount of up to 25% when you purchase two pairs of shoes! Re-visit your childhood days and share your memories with your child as you walk down the aisles, looking for that perfect shoe.

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