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Quick appetizing breakfast ideas for kids

In the early morning rush of getting the kids up and ready for school, it’s super easy to miss out on cooking up a wholesome breakfast. It’s the dilemma of finding the perfect breakfast – one that’s quick to whip up, appetizing enough, and yet healthy.

Fear not, for SoC comes to your rescue! Here’s our round-up of the best breakfast ideas:

For the extra-busy mom

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If you’re constantly rushing in the morning and prefer to cook at night, Mexi-Mac Skillet may be your new favourite recipe. With cooking time of only 30 minutes, this recipe can be quickly manifested into reality. Better yet, you can customize it with your own vegetables according to your child’s preference. It's also very convenient , as the left-overs can be easily eaten over the week for lunch or dinner!

For the mom that has a mini-chef at home

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Our pick: Tacos Note: Grill required If your child loves helping out in the kitchen, a great way to motivate him/her to eat could include making their own breakfast! With 5 ingredients and preparation time of approximately 35 minutes, these tacos can be made quickly and with minimal fuss. Say bye-bye to days of nagging over breakfast!

For the mom that prefers minimal ingredients

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Our pick: Cheesy Egg muffins Note: Oven required

With less than 8 ingredients, this recipe is perfect for a day when you’ve run out of food! Better yet, these ingredients can be easily substituted with other alternatives that your children love (E.g. substitute spinach for carrot!). It’s also a great way to ensure your child gets just the right amount of vegetables – while enjoying it. The muffins can additionally be packed for recess or snack time as well!

P.S. If you’re concerned this may take too much time to cook in the morning, you can always prepare it at night!

For the mom with artistic children

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Our pick: Animal Toast

If your child only loves to eat designer-worthy food, well, animal toast may be your new default new favourite breakfast to cook! It’s creative, fun and well – perfect for family bonding. The best part is: you can create new animals everyday – and finish preparing breakfast within 15 minutes! The cute animal ideas may also encourage your kids to try out other vegetables (Hint: Remember to mention that the animals might feel sad if you don’t finish them all up!).

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