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Brighter Side of Circuit Breaker: 5 important things we've learned as individuals and as a team!

We are slowly exiting Circuit Breaker period in the coming week. As we look forward to getting our lives back to normal, we will definitely remember this period clearly. May we remember the Circuit Breaker as a learning experience, even with the struggles we might have experienced such as class/work disruption, juggling of work and family, boredom, etc. We have gathered some key takeaways that the teachers from School of Concepts learnt during this Circuit Breaker period.

  1. Connecting with Family - The first thing we've learned and have been blessed with these past few months - spending time with family. Before this Circuit Breaker period, we tend to neglect the most important people in our lives. However, we have been given the chance to spend quality time with them during this period. (Teacher Serene & Teacher Xin Ying)

  2. Learning a new skill/hobby- With all the free time and nowhere to go, we were somehow "forced" to learn a new skill and/or hobby. From baking bread, cooking a simple meal to learning how to code, we have definitely ticked a few items off our to-do list! (Teacher Mint, Teacher Jill & Teacher Wei Ping)

  3. Adapting to Changes- As individuals and as a company, we have learnt to be resourceful and to quickly adapt to the new normal, making sure we continue providing quality content for our students. We have moved all our sessions online and have pioneered an interactive e-enrichment class. Enquire now or book here!

  4. Appreciating the little things- Being able to get fresh air while going for a quick grocery run, saving time on transportation, enjoying meals with parents and being able to slow down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life are definitely some of the things we have enjoyed. (Teacher Celeste & Teacher Kai Xin)

  5. Missing our Students - Last but not least, the Circuit Breaker definitely made us realise how much we miss our students and our supportive parents! We hope to see all of you really soon! <3 (Teachers of School of Concepts)

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