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Transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary School is one of the important milestones your child will be achieving. This usually causes parents to be overjoyed and other times, anxious. Leaving your child in a new environment and for longer periods of time are something that causes parents to worry. Where there is a higher student to teacher ratio, this set-up requires them to be more independent.

It is never easy, especially for the children themselves. Moving to a new environment with new teachers and classmates can be daunting for them so it is crucial to ensure that their transition is pleasant and exciting for them. Here are some areas you can focus on to help you and your child get through this process easier.

Prepare them Mentally

There will be a lot of changes when your child steps into primary school. It is best if you can explain to them what they should expect before they start school. Share examples of items they are keen on that will make them excited. This way, they will look forward to school and adjust to the new environment quicker. You can also familiarise them with the new school by touring them around so that they would be comfortable when school starts.

Prepare them Emotionally

Seeing new faces and being in a new place can sometimes be frightening to some children. It might even take them longer to adjust and this is very normal. One way to help them is to explain that they will be having new teachers and friends, ahead of time. By doing so, you are effectively breaking down the barrier of fear and helping them cope.

Prepare them Physically

School timings in primary school will be very different from what they have gotten used to when they were in Kindergarten. The day will start earlier and finish later compared to before. Start easing them into the new normal a month before school starts with a routine that is similar to their new schedule. Perhaps an earlier bedtime or a change of schedule for their meals? This way, they won't be overwhelmed, helping their bodies and moods slowly cope with the changes.

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