Literacy Milestones 18-24 months

When a baby cries, a lot of guessing takes place. Parents, caregivers, educators, and peers start to second guess the basis of the cry - is it a cry to express frustration? Expression of hunger? Or the need for attention?

At 18 months, children will begin to realize the importance of articulating their needs and wants through words. The greater a child's exposure to vocabulary and its uses, the sooner a child would be able to draw relevance and accurately apply the use of words to communicate with those around them.

There is so much magic in the power of communication! It eliminates frustration from second-guessing, reduces fears and anxiety, and keeps the Terrible Twos and Threenager phases under control. Trust us! We've seen so many success stories at School of Concepts, where little learners come in at 18 months and gradually, under the specialized guidance of our teachers and curriculum, flourish into effective communicators with the keen ability to express their thoughts and needs at the age of 2 - keeping tantrums at bay!

At 18 months, little ones

  • develop a sense of self, the ability