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How can I engage my 12 month old kid?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Wondering how to make activities with your 12 month old kid more interesting and engaging? Consider integrating these techniques into your play time!

Tip 1: Music and movement

Children love to sing and dance. The simple act of imitating the rhythm and steps actually contributes a lot to their cognitive, motor and social skills. Rhythm teaches them pattern, words and sounds, while movements help express themselves and be more confident.

Tip 2: Interactive reading

Reading and making conversations with your child at this age is crucial. This is the time where they absorb sounds and expressions that will help in their language development.

Since kids at this age have shorter attention span, it is good to use books with:

Large and short texts

Tactile books with flip flops, textures and sounds

Storybooks with puppets

Tip 3: Sensorial play

Sensorial play can be fun and messy at the same time but it is very educational for kids. There are activities that stimulates the sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing that helps them explore and understand things around them better.

Activities like taste testing and sensorial tubs, helps them to describe what they are experiencing. Here are other activities to focus on their 5 senses!

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