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Five things you can do this Fathers' Day

Fathers’ Day is just around the corner! If you are wondering how to celebrate the amazing fathers in your life, we have some great suggestions for you. These ideas don’t need to cost much, and mommies can even team up with younger kids to execute them. Look below to find out what you can do for the fantastic fathers you know!

For the Foodie Fathers

Some Dads love to follow the latest food trend, snapping pictures of every meal, but what if its a meal prepared by their very own kids? It’s not every day that Dad gets a special breakfast made for him by his children, so this is sure to make even the most stoic fathers tear up! This easy recipe for French toast makes a delicious breakfast, and mommies can always lend a helping hand in the kitchen! Children who are too young to cook can always help to decorate the toast with fruit and other toppings before serving it up!

For the Fathers with a sweet tooth

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Is your father always chomping on sweets or a candy bar? Then he’ll love this gift! You can’t go wrong with a handmade card on Fathers’ Day, and children of all ages can make one. This Fathers’ Day, why not add a little something extra with a candy card, where you spell out your love for Dad… with candy bars! Write out a message complete with candy bars filling in certain words. It'll surely make Dad Snicker!

For the Practical Fathers

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Some Dads are more practical than others. What would they do with a funny novelty gift like snow globe or a balloon? With that in mind, you may be wondering what you should give to Dad that is practical, yet unique. How about this creative, yet easy to make, hand-painted cup! The hand-painted cup will truly be a one of a kind gift, as well as super useful! Dad can use it during his coffee breaks or even as a pen holder, and every time he sees it, it will definitely bring a smile to his face.

For the Bargain Hunter Fathers

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Is Dad always telling you to not spend money on presents for him? Surprise your father with coupons for freebies! Give Dad a break this Father’s Day with these coupons filled with chores and favours. There are even customisable coupons that you can fill out if you want to present Dad with something more unique. Promise him a tantrum free week or three Sundays to sleep in. Best of all, these coupons won’t cost a cent! Click here for a coupon template you can print out, or here for another fun coupon template pattern!

For the Nostalgic Fathers

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Remember all those good times you had with Dad? Remind him of all the fun you’ve had with him with a handmade album full of memories! You can dig up photographs, old movie tickets, or even a card you made him, and compile them all in a scrapbook with a note or two. Dad will definitely love the beautiful reminder of everything you have done together!

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