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Craft New things this Year!

This Chinese New Year, let the children join in and help (while having fun)!

As you and your loved ones prepare for Chinese New Year, why not ask your children to help you decorate the house too. You can make the chores fun with these amazing ideas that will help liven the atmosphere and ensure that the whole family haves fun while being involved!

1. Cherry Blossom Art

You can reintepret and create this beauty to display in your living room. Simply gather as a family and use what you have to create stunning artpieces. From bubble wraps to tissue paper, let your creativity guide you!

If you have trouble getting started, here is an example to help you.

2. Paper Lanterns

Create beautiful paper lanterns to hang at your doorway this Chinese New Year! You can decorate them whichever way you like. Click the picture for unique examples and a guide on how to create them!

3. Red Envelopes

Decorate printable red envelopes! A fun activity for the whole family that can help you teach your child about the value of money too!

There are various other activities that you can do as a family that will bring you and your loved ones closer this Chinese New Year! From creating drums to making pineapple tarts, there is an array of fun activities at SOC's Chinese New Year Workshop. Click the picture below for more information about our event!

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