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Activities to do at home

During this time of social distancing, class suspensions and staggered working hours/working from home, a lot of you might feel restless at home. Some might be wondering what we can do to keep our kids and ourselves entertained!

Here are some activities to make our days brighter for all our little ones at home! 

Explore, engage and enjoy!

Other than the fact that kids love sweets, they also love getting messy and exploring things. Baking is a perfect way to keep their tummies and energy tank satisfied. This also helps develop their fine motor skills and ability to follow instructions.

Unleash your inner creativity with your kid! The messier the merrier! Spark their imagination and keep their hands busy. Make your own binoculars with simple materials you can find at home! Make it more interesting by playing treasure hunt with the binoculars you made!

Kids love hands-on activities! Let them explore and learn more about their surroundings. Planting provides a lot of learning opportunities such as building observational skills, motor skills and more! Don't know where to buy a planting set? Click here to buy your very own Heirloom Starter Kit. Let your kids track their plant's growth as well!

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