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6 Habits to train your Child for the NEW NORMAL

Children have spent more than 2 months of doing home-based learning lessons due to the closure of schools and tuition centres. As schools re-opened in the start of Phase 2, the government has implemented tight safety measures for everyone.

This COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes. Everyone will be adjusting to the new norm in all areas of their lives, may it be from eating out with family, rules in the work place or new protocols to be followed in schools. At first it can be uncomfortable coping to these changes but slowly, with everyone's cooperation, we will overcome this adversity we are all facing now. We've listed some of the most important things to practice in the new norm especially in schools!

Let's all do our part in keeping Singapore safe and virus free!

  1. Wear a mask/face shield- this has become an essential wear in our everyday lives. Make sure to put them on every time you are out of the house. In school, kids above 2 years old and teachers are expected to wear masks all through out the lesson.

  2. Social distancing- in classrooms chairs and tables are placed 1 metre apart from each other. Students and teachers are encouraged to avoid close contact as much as possible.

  3. Keep your hands clean- practice washing and sanitising your hands more often, especially after touching things in public places. In school students are requested to sanitise their hands before entering the classroom.

  4. Daily temperature checks- before classes start student's temperature are taken. Parents are encouraged to let their kids stay home if they are showing fever like symptoms.

  5. Check in and check out - to help in contact tracing, parents are requested to check in once they reach school premises and check out after their child's classes.

  6. Classrooms to be disinfected- part of the safety measures placed is disinfecting classrooms every after class. Schools are to be given some time to disinfect before starting a new one.

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