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5 places to treat yourself this Mothers’ Day

Updated: May 24, 2019

Out of 365 days a year, most mothers spend time feeling and looking frumpy. This Mothers’ Day treat yourself - eat something that tastes as good as it looks! Better yet, eat it at a place where your kids can play and you can restfully eat. Guess where? At the newly-opened Jewel Changi Airport! (Yesss!)

For the Old School Pre-Millenial Mom

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Our Pick: A & W

Back when you were still dating, did your boyfriend take you on a date to A & W? Or, better yet, did you order via a drive-through restaurant? A & W were the trend setters in Singapore when it came to popularizing drive-through restaurants – they were the first to do so in 1970! Back after 16 long years, A & W is the perfect place to celebrate the present, and look back at the past with fondness. While sipping root beer float, recall memories of your birth family, friends, and look at what you have now: your own family. With your kids, create new memories –while re-living the past!

For the Trend-setting Mom

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Our Pick: Shake Shack

It’s been raved about all over the internet. That’s Shake Shack for you – they’ve never set foot in Singapore, but they’re masters of the burger. From New York ALL the way to Singapore, they’re clearly influencers in the food industry. Guess what? Psst...They’re selling selling Pandan shakes (first in Singapore AND South East Asia!). It’s a seductively sweet concoction garnished with gula melaka crumbles! While casually sampling their Pandan Shake, snap an Instagram-worthy photo with your child to commemorate this Mothers’ Day in style. Being a Mother doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, or be on trend – in fact, it’s all the more important to enjoy yourself, because when you’re happy, your kid is happy (as long as you share that shake with them, too!)

P.S. For vegetarian moms, the Shroom Burgers make a great non-meat option!

For the Child At Heart Unicorn Mom

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Our Pick: Emack & Bolio’s

Are you an ice cream fanatic at heart? Emack & Bolio’s make the dream ice cream and the dream cone – you get to choose from 35 funky ice cream flavours and various cone flavours! Feel like trying something unconventional? Opt for their Grasshopper Pie or Beantown Buzz. Pair it with a rice krispies cone, or a crushed oreo cone! Are you afraid that your stomach might somersault at these unconventional ingredients? Not to worry, ice creams here are made from the best ingredients – no dyes, or milk from genetically hormone-induced cows. Ice creams here are the perfect dream come true – for you, and your child!

For the Health-Conscious “Crunchy” Mama

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Our Pick: Pink Fish

Is knowing where your food comes important to you? Is ensuring that the food is truly healthy critical to you? If that’s you, then pop over to Norwegian food chain Pink Fish! Headed by Chef Geir Skeie Top, who won the prestigious Bocuse d'Or World Finals in 2009, food here is nothing but mouth-watering and exclusive. We’d expect nothing less, for the menu here is built around fresh high-quality Norwegian salmon. Better yet, fish here is derived from a responsibly farmed source. Producing food transparently and sustainably is a core focus of Pink Fish. Your conscience will be kept clear as you sample their Asian burgers (a daily sell-out item!), or savour their range of fresh Norwegian salmon dishes!

For the Bubble Tea Fanatic

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Our Pick: The Alley

Craving Bubble Tea? Look no further! Head over to The Alley to experience bubble tea from Taiwan. Their Deerioca tapioca pearls that are made from scratch, building a better texture and aroma for the tapioca. Joy can be had here for under $5 and on the go! With over 300 outlets worldwide, drinking Bubble Tea here is definitely an experience to cherish! We recommend sipping on the signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk Series, which starts at only $5.30! We haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love bubble tea – so the whole family can enjoy this sweet bubbly treat together!

P.S. They’re open 24/7, so you can beat the crowd, and head over for a midnight sip!

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