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Anytime, Anywhere

First Asia-centric interactive educational platform for children aged 2 to 12 years old. Choose from a range of STEAM workshops with DIY hands-on assembly kit, multi-cultural-centric storytelling and more!

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Finally a Child-Safe Online Learning Environment

"I can allow my child screen time knowing that it is safe and he's learning from quality content!"

- Yvonne Tan, Aiden's mummy

"This is a safe alternative to physical classes! Hannah loves the variety of courses that SchoolonCloud offers!"

- Melissa, Hannah's mummy

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Hands-on Learning & Entertainment
for Your Child ... At Your Fingertips


Original Content

New Ideas with Original characters - Drew, Chloe and Ollie voiced over by real people

By Literacy Experts

Based on years of experience working with early childhood experts and running literacy schools


Watch anytime, anywhere and experience hands-on learning with our Funbox kits with complementary interactive workshops to build solar cars, mooncakes, etc

What This Means For Parents

Video Streaming is not the answer because Kids' Online Safety is often compromised

Spend quality time on active learning with your child through our workshops

No more guilt-trip on screen-time for your kids, knowing that they are learning!

What This Means For Your Child

Learn English through storytelling content

Practical hands-on projects with workshop and Funbox kits

Compelling content and original characters spark learning interest

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