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Our Classes

18 – 36 months

Discovery Play

“I’ve developed a spoken vocabulary of almost 1,000 words and am able to use language to learn about, relate to and describe the world around me.”

3 – 4 years


“My vocabulary has grown to almost 1,500 words. I’m able to produce five-to-seven word sentences, engage in conversations and tell stories.”

4 – 6 years


“I am self-motivated, always excited about learning. I can spell most words just by sounding them. I am able to grasp abstract concepts like those of time and money easily because I can comprehend read information accurately. I am happy and confident!”

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Language is a powerful tool to enhance cognitive development.

Our multi-sensorial approach integrates

Visual, Auditory, Tactile and Kinaesthetic

learning elements activating different parts of the brain

Why is School of Concepts Different


Sensory and

and Drama

Art and

Scope and Sequence


“I was inspired by the confidence of the School’s teachers as well as it’s unique learning through play curriculum. The school’s brightly coloured books appealed to my children and the engaging class activities helped increase their interest in the language and they feel encouraged to read and learn. They are excited to share about their lessons with me and I realized that Evan (3.5 years old) can now relate sounds, like telling me “E” is for Elephant. His vocabulary has also increased. The classes have benefitted them so much. As an pre-school educator myself and a caregiver I would definitely recommend the School of Concepts’ phonics lessons for all children to help them develop a love for the language and the skills to read, write and spell to prepare them for school!”

Parent: Lindy

Our children started attending Teacher Mint’s class since they were in K2. The children are very excited and looking forward to their every lesson. Teacher Mint has made learning fun, this helped the children pick up the language faster and hence, provided a strong foundation for their primary school. We also received personalized feedback after each lesson and know the progress of the children. We can feel Teacher Mint’s passion in teaching & she can communicate really well with children. Thank you and keep up with the great work!

Parent: Jack Pang

“I was drawn to the play-based curriculum because my child is very active and learns best through activity and by sensory engagement. School of Concepts has a curriculum that infuses speech and drama, arts and craft, sensory and experiential play into lessons which are both fun and very effective. My daughter can now read simple words and is always eager to go for class to learn more, and I see how her confidence has grown. Everywhere we go, she tries to sound words and express herself. I am no longer worried that she will not be able to read in time to start Primary School and I’m delighted at how quickly she picks up words and how independent her reading habits are now.”

Parent: Alex Teo

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