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Sight words? What are they?

Sight words are words that do not need to be broken down letter-by-letter for children to read. They are memorised words for the child to be able to read easier. 

They are words like "a", "and", "the, "can", "for", etc. Since they are words that are frequently found in sentences, it is easier for the children to recognise them after memorising. 

How do I teach it to my child?

Step 1: Use flashcards to introduce each sight word.

Step 2: Point at the word and read slowly while pointing from left to right.

Step 3: Ask your child to repeat the word after you.

Step 4: Let your child repeat step 2.

Step 5: Repeat a few times.

Reinforce the words by playing games like matching sight words or hunting for them in the house. Parents can also make a wall of sight words or ask children to circle or highlight certain sight words that they can see in storybooks/worksheets. Don't know which sight words to teach your child? Download and print our sight words, specially curated for you!

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