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Accept our invitation to embark on an exciting learning adventure

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Where Reading Comes to Life!

Love for FunBooks

5.0 out of 5

Safe Platform for Screen Time

I can allow my child screen time knowing that it is safe and he's learning from quality content! - Yvonne Tan, Aiden's mummy

About us

FunBooks is an exciting and interactive digital library specially designed for children. Our platform offers a world of captivating content focused on sustainability, cultural diversity, and personal well-being. Through a delightful collection of engaging resources, interactive stories, and educational materials, FunBooks sparks the imaginations of young minds, making learning a fun and enriching experience. FunBooks is currently in English but it hopes to be made available in Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean and many more!

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At FunBooks, children unlock a realm of adventure

 An extensive collection of e-books, interactive videos and multimedia content 
 Dive into captivating resources that cover a wide range of sustainability topics, including solar energy, ecosystems, recycling, and conservation
 Learning becomes a thrilling journey of discovery, empowering children to understand and protect our planet

Our Vision

Diverse Kindergarten

Children get to immerse themselves in captivating stories, folktales, and interactive modules that showcase different customs, festivals, and ways of life from around the world. Through our engaging content, children gain a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, fostering global understanding and unity.

Celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity

Happy Twins

Our wellness section provides valuable insights on topics such as screen time management and mental health. Discover age-appropriate resources, interactive modules, mindfulness exercises, and uplifting stories that promote emotional well-being, resilience, and a balanced approach to life.
With FunBooks, children thrive with confidence and learn the importance of self-care.

Prioritize the well-being of children

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In the next phase of development, FunBooks will incorporate interactive quizzes, puzzles, and games designed to reinforce knowledge of sustainability, cultural understanding, and wellness. The interactive features aim to foster curiosity and further encourage active exploration, ensuring that learning is always fun and memorable.

Brings learning to life
with our interactive
tools and activities

Our Library

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A safe environment where Kids' Online Safety is not compromised

No advertisements or links that might lead to content that is inappropriate for its readers


safe haven for children to explore freely and independently

At FunBooks, we understand that every child is unique.


Allows children to personalise their reading journey based on each child's interests, and age group, and create their very own reading portfolio and reading progress data 


Have access to content that matches their preferences -
maximizing engagement and learning outcomes 

What This
Means For


What This
Means For

Your Kids

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Where Reading Comes to Life!

FunBooks is more than a digital library to encourage functional literacy; it is an invitation to embark on an exciting learning adventure.

With a focus on sustainability, cultural understanding, and personal well-being,

we inspire the next generation of curious learners with the aim to ignite every child's love for learning vibrantly and interactively!

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