Total Defence Day Classroom Ideas!

Credits: Little Day Out

  1. Imaginary mock firedrill exercise

  • Explain to the kids that civil defence day is about protecting our country during emergencies.
  • Begin the class by asking kids questions about firedrills E.g. What’s a firedrill? What do you do during a firedrill?
  • Explain to them what firedrills are about.
  • Explain to them what people do during a firedrill.
  • Raise a fake fire alarm, and either get the kids to practice emergency routes, or practice stop, drop and roll (an emergency procedure to do during an actual fire).
  1. Understanding First Aid

  • Explain to the kids how one can help when a country is attacked by providing first aid.
  • Open up a real first aid kit with only bandages and plasters inside.
  • Teach children how to do a simple bandage
  • Ask them to do a bandage on each other

    3. Visit to the firefighting station

It’s free to visit the local fire stations on Saturday, so why not make use of this opportunity to book a tour of the fire station? Click here to find out more.

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