The SoC journey has been and continues to be exciting, gratifying and humbling.

Founded on the passion to make equal opportunities available for every child, regardless rich or poor, learning difficulties or not, SoC has come a long way.

After 5 years of R&D to ensure that we have a curriculum that serves its purpose 100% and with the support of raiSE, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprises, in 2017, SoC managed to move our programme onto an Edtech platform to expand our reach by transcending geographic barriers and serve more children at our flagship school at Singpost Centre, Paya Lebar.

We have since read to 4620 children and we believe with your support, the number continues to grow!

Pop by to say hi to our mascots Ollie the owl which represents wisdom, Drew the dragonaut which represents courage and Chloe the cloud which represents creativity. They relate very well to children. And surprise yourselves, parents, by the mascots that your children gravitate towards! That might just be the trait they value most!

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“The curriculum at SOC starts with language acquisition for children up to three years-old through structured play. Miss Lim said: “For a young age, their universal language is play, so we use play to translate into English.”

As the children get older, phonics is introduced into the curriculum, and answering techniques for comprehension questions and creative writing will be taught.

The curriculum also involves cultivating curiosity in the children and “positive education” to ensure that the children enjoy learning and are motivated to continue.”