SoC conducts thematic workshops at preschools. We introduce culture and character education through interactive storytelling, engaging craft and/or culinary activities and games!

These workshops are a hit amongst young children. Parents bond with their children as well as their teachers by cooking or creating something together.

Parent Talk

SoC conducts talks engaging parents. Our talks equip parents with a better understanding of literacy milestones. With greater awareness, parents are introduced to tips on how they can bring the learning home almost effortlessly while keeping the learning fun as they bond with their children.

Teacher Training

SoC conducts teacher training workshops. Our experienced trainers who are experts in the field, share their insights on how children learn better through play. We are proud to share that hundreds of teachers emerge from training motivated and eager to utilise learnt techniques.

Testimonial from a teacher

“The training has equipped me with techniques that have proven to be very useful especially when it comes to classroom management. My students now naturally take my cue and are always eager to learn!”