At SoC, we conduct phonics-based literacy programmes from children 18 months up. Between 18 to 36 months, toddlers attend our Discovery Play lessons. Similar to the Abecedarian Approach, these parent-accompanied lessons focus on how adult-child interaction with literacy as the focal point. Our lessons transport children into a world of literacy fun where they engage their senses and refine their motor skills. Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions to better understand age appropriate activities that can be replicated in a home setting. Studies have shown that cognitive growth happens very early in life.

Children aged 3 years up can attend the beginner module. During this module, children are introduced to blending. They will build good phonological skills and strategies to decode words. At this stage, they will also learn to comprehend read text.

After 3 terms at Beginner, our students will progress onto the Intermediate series where they will further develop comprehension skills. At this stage, our students will be brimming with confidence, ready and always enthusiastic to read and comprehend read text. If ever you visit one of these sessions, you will be encouraged (and some, intrigued) by the enthusiasm and excitement to read more, spell more and answer questions!