Easter Classroom Activities

Hop, Hop, Hop – Guess what time is it? It’s Easter time!

Are you prepared? Are your kids prepared to celebrate this Easter?

We’ve rounded up the perfect age-appropriate (Yes, you heard us right!) activities for your kids. Keep scrolling to find out more!

For 2-3 years:

Credits: housingaforest.com

Chick Craft

With the tiny ones, doing age-appropriate art-and-craft isn’t easy. Well, this year, shove your worries aside – for here’s the perfect easter craft that your 2 and 3 year olds can accomplish! Better yet, it involves the use of not just paper, but feathers and goggly eyes – providing them a multi-sensorial experience.


For 3-4 year olds:

Credits: notimeforflashcards.com

Easter Bunny Craft

Easter is known for it’s bunnies! For the slightly older kids, test their concentration and spatial orientation skills through creating a 3-D version of the easter bunny! While the original craft uses marshmellows to make the bunny, you can choose to substitute this with cotton balls of different colours (just to add some fluff – and save food!).

For 4-5 year olds:

Credits: happyhooligans.ca

Easter Toilet Rolls

Encourage recycling among your little ones! Encourage them to bring toilet rolls and ice cream sticks which can then be used to make Easter Bunnies. Add pom poms and cotton balls to decorate the Easter Bunny and make an assembly line of Easter Bunnies – all ready and waiting to celebrate Easter!

For 5-6 year olds:

Credits: Mess For Less

Easter Worksheets

The older children are capable of more complicated art, as well as simple worksheets. Use Easter to encourage your children to practice their pictorial, concentration and observational skills through trying out different Easter Worksheets. Give their neurons a fun-filled workout, that both prepares them for Primary school, and is enjoyable!

After completing Easter Worksheets, as a reward, do a mini-science Easter experiment! Dye hard boiled eggs together using baking soda and vinegar (yes, you heard us right!) Curious? Click here for the full instructions!

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